Relationships of every kind can be both challenging and rewarding.
Helping families and couples thrive in their relationships is my passion - let's work together.

Family therapy

Families are constantly changing, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. Relationships with teenagers can be difficult; your children are developing their own identities, and their choices may be concerning to you. Marriages dissolve and new ones blossom, and often times, there are kids involved. Figuring out how to create harmony with blended families can feel impossible. Divorce can be really tough on families, and parenting while being divorced can be even tougher. We can strategize to enhance communication and connection through life and family changes.

Families I work with include:

  • families with teens

  • adult children and their parents

  • adult sibling relationships

  • blended families

  • families experiencing divorce

  • co-parenting

Common concerns include:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • self-harm

  • school performance

  • behavior concerns

  • conflict

  • communication


Couples therapy

Miscommunication can lead to feeling hurt, misunderstood, and alone. Sometimes it feels like the same old fights keep happening over and over to the point of hopelessness. Attempts to solve problems may never seem to work, no matter what you try. We can work together to change that. Therapy can help you and your partner learn to express yourselves effectively, develop the skills to really listen and empathize with each other, find solutions to problems, and foster feelings of deep connection. I offer:

  • premarital counseling

  • marriage and couple therapy

  • open/non-monogamous/polyamorous relationship counseling

  • counseling for couples contemplating separation or divorce

Common concerns include:

  • conflict

  • communication

  • trust

  • infidelity

  • sex and intimacy

  • adjusting to parenthood

Individual therapy

  • managing difficult relationships

  • family of origin

  • life transitions



Session fees are on a sliding scale, calculated based on income and household size. If you are unable to afford the fee you're quoted, we can find something that works. I believe in providing accessible, affordable, quality therapy.

I do not accept insurance, but I can provide documentation to submit to your insurance as an out-of-network provider upon request.